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Pain After Surgery



Dr. Fanning, I would like to share with you the impact that you and your staff have made in my life. Nine months ago, I had surgery on my shoulder with great success. During my recovery, I spent many hours in rehabilitation working to strengthen my shoulder and regain full movement.

While surgery helped a great deal, I was still left with a constant sharp pain in my arm and difficulties in my neck. After being discouraged with little success with physical therapy, I opted to look for other medical remedies.

I was referred to Dr. Fanning because of the great work he had done for a fellow co-worker. I decided to make an appointment with you. Although I must be honest after seeing several chiropractors in the past years with no success, my optimism was low.

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On my first visit with you, I noticed how you did not look at me as a patient but as a person with pain. I was truly impressed by how thorough you were in explaining my X-ray’s and answering all my questions. I really appreciated the fact that you were candid with me about my condition and provided me with comfort knowing that you had a game plan to help alleviate my pain.

After my first few adjustments, the pain began to diminish and gradually I started to have more movement in my arm without pain. Today, my arm has been pain-free for several months. Also, my neck has felt better than it has in many years.

Although I am still on the path to recovery, my whole body feels better than it has in a very long time.

Thank you so much, Dr. Fanning, for your continued work with me and the joy I have knowing that I can hold my son Justin Mathew in my arms pain-free. The service and care that you and your staff provide at Johns Creek Chiropractic is second to none!

Thank you,
Scott P. Leeds

A Letter From a State Farm Employee

Hi Ruth,

I wanted to tell you about an experience I had today.

I have had chronic back pain for a long time and thought after my gastric by-pass weightloss (a lot of weight) it would stop, but it hasn’t. I have always pondered a chiropractic approach but never acted on it. Today, I visited the Johns Creek Chiropractic office and met with Dr. Joseph Fanning. It was such a neat experience. They have this new insanely modern diagnostic machine with technology straight from NASA. I truly thought the source of my pain was my lower back and this test clearly indicated my issues begin in my neck. Just really neat stuff.

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I think the Chiropractic Assistant spoke to you about attending our medical fair and providing an opportunity for any employee interested to receive this diagnostic testing.(free of charge) I know that we have other Chiropractors that attend but if they don’t have this technology I think it could be an amazing experience for all of us. She told me that if you wanted to come over and check it out for yourself that she would run the scan on you, also, free of charge.

After this test, Dr. Fanning gave me a mini-adjustment and I think it may have been the single coolest and most exhilarating thing I have done in a long time. I feel amazing and it wasn’t even a complete adjustment. Working with auto claims surely did delay my willingness to explore this type of treatment but I swear, one visit and I am a believer.

I look forward to working with the Doctor and his staff to get all of the kinks worked out.

I just wanted to pass this on in hopes that we might be able to get them on board for our next event. I would love for all of my co-workers to have the same wonderful experience that I did.

Thank you, Ruth

My New Doctor

I had doubts concerning the experience of the doctor. These doubts were totally removed after the first visit. I feel better after only three visits. A result that has never been achieved by any other chiropractor, and there have been many. I have my life back. – Delbert Kerr


I had resigned myself to believing that headaches and backaches were part of getting older and that was something I would have to live with.

Then quite by accident, I found Dr. Joe Fanning. In a short time, I have been to Johns Creek Chiropractic, my stress headaches are gone; the stress in my back and shoulders is gone. And the pain in my back is so much better it is hard to believe.

I have no doubt that when my treatment is completed, I will be pain-free and strong enough to fight off any further problems. Coming to this office has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Brenda Clements


Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and for all that you continue to do. I have to admit that the first time my Dentist recommended you to me for my TMJ treatments and/or neck pain I was skeptical if this was really going to work. From the beginning, I was soar, but my pain on my face/neck/shoulder slowly diminished. Not only did I start feeling better and back to normal, but most important I got my posture to wear it needed to be where I didn’t feel like a whole bunch of bricks was coming down on my shoulders every time I stood for more than 30 min. in place.
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Most important, thank you for working with me to make it possible for me to continue to receive these treatments. I pray that God continues to use you in other peoples’ health. You have been a blessing to my health. I feel good and yet If I would have known about you 4 yrs. ago when I was in a boat accident and received a compression I would have come to you right after my physical therapy.

But I thank God and count my blessings that I found a good Doctor to work with my neck and back. Being a new mother with a previous history of a back injury and just now discovering that I have TMJ can at times be physically overwhelming.

Thanks to you I feel good and definitely do not doubt that Chiropractic does work. I am a believer. Of course, as the saying goes, “It to all depends on which doctor one goes to.” And you are definitely an Excellent Chiropractic Doctor that I will always recommend to people.

Thank you Johns Creek Chiropractic and God Bless,

Evelyn M. 7/2005

P.S.-I want to also give my thanks to the staff for being so generous and professional every time they deal with me and my 23-month-old son.

No More Medications For My Child!

Dear Dr. Joe and the staff at Johns Creek Chiropractic:

This letter is one of complete gratitude to each of you. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for what you have done for the children.

The changes I have seen in each of them have been amazing! Paul is a different child. He received straight A’s on his report card for the first time in his life! He is taking responsibility for his school work, his belongings, his attitudes, etc. He loves coming to see you, and he knows when his body needs an adjustment!

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It is incredible that he has become so “in tune” to what he needs in order to feel good. If you ask him how he feels, he says “great, because of the chiropractor!” He told me just the other day that he doesn’t ever want to take all those medications again.

As a mother, it has been a relief to not have the kids taking 5 – 6 different medications a day and not being WELL! It was extremely concerning to me that these medications would have irreversible long-term side effects, and they didn’t solve the problem!

I really cannot thank you enough for getting them healthy and keeping them that way. You have changed our lives, and it has been a wonderful experience to watch the children as they are finally at a place where they can enjoy life because they feel good! Please call me if you need to. Have a great day and thank you!


Julie McInnins-Sweeney


“The biggest surprise to me was that my headaches were relieved so quickly, and they were not even what I was seeking help for. I had no idea of the level of pain that I was accepting on a daily basis because I considered it normal wear and tear.” -Christi P.
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