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Our Team

Brooke Fanning, Pilates Instructor

Brooke FanningBrooke was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama. Graduating from Auburn University in 2003 (War Eagle!), she then moved to Atlanta. Brooke met and married Dr. Joe in 2007 and being working in his Chiropractic office. During these years, she was able to see firsthand how the human body can heal itself if you give it the proper support.

Believing that Chiropractic and the teachings of Joseph Pilates went hand in hand, she began studying the art of Pilates. After having children, Brooke experienced the tiredness and lack of interest for exercise that most mothers face. After a few sessions she was able to realize that Pilates was able to give her back the health, energy and core strength she once hand. Brooke was able to see that by practicing Pilates on a regular basis she was able to improve herself externally and internally. She obtained her Peak Pilates® certification and is classically trained in Mat Pilates as well as all of the apparatuses.

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Wendy Coletti, Massage Therapist

wendy-c-massage-therapist-2Wendy is passionate about healthcare and how massage plays an intricate part in restoring our patient’s health and well-being. She graduated from Daytona State College with her certification in massage and continues her training with the best in her field.

Wendy studied myofascial release therapy with John Barnes, PT who is world renowned for the release techniques that he has been performing since 1960. Using these techniques, she is able to free up adhesions and scar tissue that can limit your range of motion and cause pain and muscular dysfunction. She is currently studying Craniosacral Therapy with The Milne Institute. Wendy is very excited to share all she’s learned and is eager to help alleviate problems such as migraines, TMJ and chronic back pain. Wendy also performs medical cupping for muscular, sinus and fascia dysfunction.

Wendy’s goal is to restore every patient to a pre-injury status and educate them on the best way to maintain their overall health and well-being along side Dr. Fanning.

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Simone Szramel, Office Administrator

simone-s-office-administrator-2Simone comes to us from South Africa, where she was born and raised. She got her start in the healthcare industry right after graduating high school as an administrative clerk at a hospital in her native town of Durban. After more than 2 years of experience to her name, she made a life-changing decision to study abroad in the USA and received a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Following her graduation, she felt drawn to the healthcare field and was hired as an office administrative assistant for a local chiropractic office and has since embarked on a career that continues to be her passion in life. Over the next 12 years, Simone has grown professionally to become an accomplished healthcare office administrator. She is backed by strong credentials and a proven track record.

Her comprehensive knowledge of chiropractic ensures our patients the best wellness experience our field has to offer.

In her time away from the office, Simone loves spending time with her two lovely children, Ayden and Alexis, and her husband Sylvester. From horseback riding and biking to watching Disney movies, her free time is filled with creating wonderful memories with her family.

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