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Meet Dr. Joe Fanning

When Dr. Joe was 16, he experienced an injury playing rugby. After attending a number of various appointments with different medical professionals, he was left feeling like nothing could help him.

Until he found chiropractic.

After being adjusted and learning more about what happens under chiropractic care, Dr. Joe was not only feeling better, he was hooked—and inspired. To this day, he credits his first experience with chiropractic care as the driving force in his career—he knows that’s the reason that he’s now a chiropractor, and loving every opportunity to spread natural healing to his own patients today.

Dr. Joe’s Philosophy

When you visit us for your care, Dr. Joe takes the time to listen to each patient and make them a partner in their healing—he believes that educating patients and showing them exactly what’s going on in their body helps lead to great success in wellness. Dr. Joe aims to dive deep to uncover what’s really going on in your nervous system, identifying subluxations with x-rays and various scans designed to pinpoint the problem.

From there, he develops a custom care plan focused on exactly what your body needs to return to normal function—and better health.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Joe enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and two sons Lliam and Quinn. Both sons are active in sports, so the family is always on the move between ice hockey and soccer. He and his wife love to travel with their sons whenever possible, and believe in making the most of family time when they’re able to secure it—whether it’s spring break vacations or simply enjoying one another’s company.

The family also shares a passion for music and have introduced their sons to some of the greats—including attending a performance by The Rolling Stones.

Learn More Today

Ready to find out how Dr. Joe can help transform the life of you and your family? We can’t wait to welcome you to our practice. We’re proud to take a variety of insurance plans and will work with patients who would like more information on zero-interest payment plans.

Take control of your health today—contact us for an appointment!


Dr. Joe Fanning | (770) 623-6880