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About Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Providing Technologically Advanced Chiropractic Care in a Caring, Family Atmosphere

Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center is a leading edge Chiropractic office specializing in affordable, convenient, and accessible Chiropractic care. Chiropractor in Suwanee, Dr. Joe Fanning has been serving the Atlanta area since 1998.

Working to Wellness Program

Dr. Fanning is the creator and founder of Working to Wellness – A proven therapeutic lifestyle program designed to put you back on the path to a optimal weight and vibrant health.

Not only do you have the ability to receive the best chiropractic care Atlanta has to offer, you are also able to take a full spectrum approach that focuses on natural solutions to many chronic conditions, as well as massage memberships, weight management, exercise programs, and natural stress reduction.

At Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center we offer:

Welcome to Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Personalized Chiropractic & Wellness Care for Lasting Results

Our wellness practice utilizes chiropractic care as the hub of our wellness model as it focuses on the primary healer and controller of the body; your nervous system. We further build on this model with nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and body work via massage therapy. The intended outcome is an educated patient that now has the ability to take care of themselves as well as their loved ones. This type of health care is cost-effective, and easy to maintain. Additionally, it comes without side effects and is natural. The way God designed health to be.

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Regardless of your health goals, we are here for you! Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible, and it’s up to you to decide how much of it you want. Although we strongly encourage you call us to reserve a time to see us, no appointments are necessary.

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