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Great Friendly Staff

Great up-to-date technology, great, friendly staff. Love the upbeat attitude. Also team has knowledge of sports related accidents. Very little wait time, They value my time.

Kamran K.

Great Relief

The evaluation was important to me, it was a great relief to have someone interested in finding out the source of the problems and pain. Not only that, after this visit was the first time I had slept through the night in weeks.

Client of Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Wonderful Experience

From the phone call with Brooke until meeting with everyone in the office, it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so helpful and professional. Loved Dr. Joe, so understanding and helpful. You all are the greatest hope that you can give me relief from my pain and aches. That would be heaven.

Margot G.


Everyone was great and informative. Very helpful and looked happy and caring. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, they always told me exactly what was going on at the time. Definitely made a full time patient outta me.

Christina P.

High Tech

I was very impressed with the high tech scan machines and also the techniques used during my adjustment. Especially my thumbs. I use them all day at work; they were aching prior to my appointment and felt immediately better! Thanks Dr. Miller and staff.

Brooke F.

Spinal care following surgery

Very courteous and caring staff. I was impressed with the use of technology for diagnostic which looked at a more overall picture of structure, function and strength of muscles, nerves and not just the spine. It was my first time with a chiropractor and I was apprehensive about anyone twisting my spine having had two lumbar surgeries for herniated discs, but the experience was positive and my back is actually feeling better after the first session.

Mehanz A.

Persistent Back & Neck Pain

I must admit that I was rather skeptical about chiropractors when I first met Dr. Joe Fanning in the fall of 2002. However, severe and persistent pain in the back of my neck – along with a growing sleep debt – literally drove me to his office in desperation. Excruciating pain actually forced me out of bed as early as 1 AM, although I had to get up for work at about 5 AM after only a few hours of “toss and turn” sleep. Also, I used to fall asleep a lot while at my computer at the office as well as at the wheel while in traffic. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, I would put 6 on paperwork that was regularly filled out at the beginning of each visit during the initial set of chiropractic adjustments.

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Joe honestly and personably described what would be my treatment program, which consisted of the “activator” (think of a miniature jackhammer) and a “spinolator” (think of a bed with a roller that rolls your back while you lie down on it). The spinolator came to be my favorite part of this treatment program that I began to affectionately call “peck and roll”. While I initially had serious doubts that these adjustment procedures would have any substantial effect on my neck problem, within about 3 weeks I had actually moved down from a 6 to a 3 on the pain scale. Elated, I continued with the “peck and roll” treatments. In fact, the “roll” part (spinolator) turned into a really good short nap for me that I eagerly looked forward to and highly recommend. Joe and I joke to this day about my visiting him just to get to the spinolator instead of seeing him.

Well, progress continued so that, after 3 months of visiting Dr. Fanning, I was down to a 1 on the pain scale. Dr. Fanning’s coaching at that time even helped me improve in the matter of sleep debt, although I still have quite a bit of sleep to catch up on. That debt was built up because I went to Johns Creek Chiropractic only after a couple of years of trying to ignore a growing problem with my “pain in the neck” (not recommended). After about a year of treatment by Dr. Fanning, I began to get cocky about this whole thing and announced that I’m ready to terminate. Wisely, though, Dr. Joe cautioned me of what could develop if adjustment therapy just simply stopped abruptly and offered what I feel was a far better plan. Where I originally was seeing Dr. Joe 3 times a week (rightly so because I needed it), I now see him about every 4 to 6 weeks as a preventive maintenance measure (and, of course, to enjoy the spinolator).

Because of Johns Creek Chiropractic’s caring and expert assistance, my job is intact, my family is intact, and the road is much safer for everyone as far as I’m concerned.

Curtis B.



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