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Make Small Dietary Tweaks to Reap Big Health Rewards

heart made out of fruits and vegetablesLet’s make this clear right off the bat: we love food. We’re not zealous advocates for the kind of diet that involves eating nothing but kale for the rest of your life. Dr. Joe even brews his own beer. He believes fully in enjoying what you eat and drink.

But a healthy life is a balanced one. As such, we do know that it’s a good idea to make strides towards healthier eating habits. You can still indulge in your favorite meals. In fact, you should. It’s important that you enjoy yourself from time to time.

You can learn to strike that perfect balance between eating what you want, and eating what your body needs.

Simple Ways To Eat Better

Reduce Sugar One Step at a Time: You won’t cut out all sugar from your diet, and you shouldn’t. However, opting for water or tea instead of soda or juice with your lunch is a great small step. Such a step can start you on the path to better health.

Pack Your Own Snacks: When those afternoon cravings set in, it’s way too easy to head to the office vending machine and get yourself a candy bar to hold you over. If you know you’re the type to get hungry throughout the day, pack snacks ahead of time. Choose healthier options, like nuts or berries.

Cook Healthier: If you like cooking, you know that part of the joy of it comes from trying out new recipes. It’s just fun to create something you’ve never made before. With that in mind, you can convince yourself to start eating better by using this as a chance to give some new, healthier recipes a shot.

Keep Track of What You Eat: All you need is a small notebook and a pen. You also can download one of the many food-tracking apps to your smartphone. When you eat something, make a note of it. Having a record of your meals will make it easier for you to realize what your bad eating habits are-this also makes it easier to change them.

Have a Cheat Day: Seriously. These are important. If you try to stick to a healthy diet too intensely, the temptation to break it will also be too intense at a certain point. Keep yourself sane by making sure you eat meals you really enjoy one day a week.

If you would like some nutritional guidance, contact our practice today!

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