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Weather Update for Johns Creek Chiropractic (1/7/2017)

Johns Creek Chiropractic Weather Update

Latest Office Update For Johns Creek Chiropractic

The news is doing it’s best to convince all of us that we will be snowed it for the next few days. If they are correct, we will not be open in the morning. However, my northern roots are usually willing to tackle the elements. I will be there if it is possible.

Procedure for Tomorrow’s Weather:

If you wake up tomorrow and you have any doubt that we are open due to the weather, please call the office before you head over. The number to the office is 770-623-6880. Someone should be answering the phone. If no one answers, do not head to the office until you know for sure that we are there.

You can also comment to this post if you are not willing to take the ride over. We fully understand.

Stay in Touch on Facebook or Email

You can also reach out to us via Facebook, comment below on this post,  or by emailing us at Be safe! Rachel will reach out to you in order to reschedule if you are unable to make your appointment.


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