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Fees and Payment Information for Lifestyle Change Program

Through our Lifestyle Change Program we seek to learn all about you: your current state of health and the many factors that can impact your health, including your genetic makeup, what you eat, physical activity level, how well you sleep, stress level, the environment in which you live and work, and your relationships. By understanding where you are now in your life and your current habits, we can help you reach your healthier lifestyle goals through our targeted program.

Below are the fees for the different components within the program. Payments can be made over-the-phone by calling our office at (770) 623-6880. We also accept Venmo @drjoefanning.

Initial Consultation

30 minutes/60 minutes – $175 – $275*

Your first session will include a discussion of your medical history and current problems that may be caused by poor lifestyle choices, negative stressors, and other physical, chemical, and emotional stressors. This visit includes evaluating your dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and taking a personal history. Your initial consultation can be completed in-office or virtually through Zoom.

*Lab tests and supplements are an additional cost.
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Follow-Up Visits

20-30 minutes – $95*

These visits are used to evaluate progress after the initial start of a Functional Medicine and/or Nutritional Program. Consider follow-up visits and check-ups designed to make sure that our programs are moving in the right direction. Additional recommendations may be given at this visit, or it may just be used in order to review progress and encourage the further continuation of healthy habits. These visits can be completed in-office or virtually through Zoom

*Lab tests and supplements are an additional cost.

Identi-T Stress Assessment and Initial Recommendations – $75*

Personalized stress relief made easy

Every day we are faced with stressors that trigger biochemicals that can negatively impact the mind and body. While short-term stress may cause you to feel wired or anxious, prolonged stress can cause you to feel worn down or burned out. Stress can also affect mood, sleep, ability to concentrate, and overall sense of well-being, depending on your individual response.

Now you can discover your unique response to stress and find relief with 3 simple steps:

  1. Take the online Identi-T Stress Assessment.
  2. Print and save your results and product suggestions.
  3. Make an appointment and bring a copy to review with Dr. Fanning.

Depending on your stress assessment score, Dr. Fanning may recommend one or more of the following stress relief formulas, along with a personalized foundation nutrition program.*

  • NuSera®  – Occasionally stressed, temporary reactions due to stress*
  • Serenagen® – Wired, difficulty resting, anxious, agitated, overheated, flushed*
  • TranQ® – Worried, recurring thought patterns, overwhelmed, restless, physically tense*
  • Exhilarin® – Mentally exhausted, run down due to a hectic lifestyle*
  • Adreset® – Tired, physically weak, and fatigued due to prolonged stress*
  • Licorice Plus® – Difficulty adapting to stress due to adrenal response*

Don’t let stress wear you down and affect your quality of life. Take charge of your stress. Get started today!

*Lab tests and supplements are an additional cost.
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Clear Change Detoxification Programs – $125

*Lab tests and supplements are an additional cost

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Fees and Payment Information | (770) 623-6880