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Transform Your Life in 12 Weeks

Are you ready to take your health to a new level? We’ve seen countless lives transformed through our comprehensive wellness program, right here at Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Feel Good Concept

Getting Started

First, we’ll get blood work done from either your primary care provider or a cardiologist by my office. This will give us a great starting point to see where you health currently stands.

Next, we’ll do a lifestyle consultation to discuss ways you can improve your health. We’ll show you our wellness wheel, so you can understand where your health is and where you need to go.

How it Works

Depending on where you want to take your health and what your needs are, we’ll combine our services in a way that will help you enhance your healing and experience a successful transformation.

  • Metagenics Nutrition: Enjoy our nutritional program focused on managing muscle tone, improving metabolic health conditions and increasing vitality.
  • Bio Impedance (BI) Scan: Measure and compare bone mass, water, muscle density and metabolic age, fat percentages.
  • Pilates: Strengthen your core and back through group, duet, or private classes to increase flexibility of muscle mass.
  • Chiropractic Care: We’ll do full workups using our subluxation station for incredible healing.
  • Counseling: We’ll teach you how to eat right using food logs to notice patterns in your diet.

Progress + Motivation

Each week we’ll do a BIA scan, talk about and modify your diet, adjust you, keep you motivated and disciplined with your Pilates program and encourage you to stick with the plan. After about 12 weeks we’ll send you back to have your blood drawn again and see how far you’ve come!

The Results Are in, Now It’s Your Turn

Through this wellness program, we’ve seen type II diabetic patients no longer diagnosed as a diabetic. We’ve also seen one patient’s cholesterol go from a 299 score to 199 in 12 weeks!

Bring back your health through wellness. You’ll never know the difference it can make in your life until you try. Make the most of the next 12 weeks and transform your life! Call us today!

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