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Subtract Stress and See More Life in Your Years

female hands grasping sunStress is one of the greatest barriers to a fulfilling life. On the physical health side, it can weaken the immune system and deplete your energy, making basic daily life a struggle. On the mental and emotional side, stress robs you of your joy and enthusiasm.

You likely have real reasons to be stressed. Life is complex, messy stuff sometimes. But having a reason to feel stressed doesn’t mean you have to.

Ways To Reduce Stress

Meditate: No, you don’t need to retreat to some remote monastery for a year. But you should try to incorporate a little bit of meditation into your day. It’s been shown again and again to be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping stress at bay.

Just start simple: sit in a room, shut the door, close your eyes, and for five minutes, try to focus on your breathing. Don’t try to control it; just try to experience it. When your attention drifts away, gently return it to your breath. As you continue with this practice, try to increase the amount of time you do it.

Play: As adults, we rarely do anything that doesn’t have a practical purpose. Kids know better. They don’t play because it will get them in shape or help pay the bills. They do it because it’s fun. So, you should think of something you used to do just for fun-whether it’s playing guitar or shooting hoops-and make it a point to do it at least once a week.

Journal: Stress often comes from getting wrapped up in unhealthy thoughts about life problems. To get out of your head, write down the problem, then write down a more rational response to it. This simple process makes it a lot easier to think clearly.

Party: Don’t wait for the holidays to let loose and have some fun. Each week, find just ONE thing to celebrate, whether it’s accomplishing something at work, reconnecting with a friend, or just sitting down to watch the game. Use this time to treat yourself. Eat whatever you want. Don’t take life so seriously all the time.

Laugh: Speaking of not taking life seriously, laughter has been scientifically shown to help reduce stress levels. So, if something makes you laugh, enjoy it. Watch your favorite comedy, tell jokes with your coworkers (make sure HR doesn’t listen in), do whatever it takes to put whatever’s bothering you into perspective.

Getting adjusted is another fantastic way to reduce stress in your life. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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