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5 Ways to Get Better Sleep

woman sleepingLiving a balanced life is vital. Being active is important. So is getting proper rest. If you’re having trouble sleeping, so many other aspects of your life will suffer. That’s why we want you to get a better sense of what you can do to fix the problem.

  1. Turn Off Your Digital Devices: While our smartphones can be addictive little devices, they also get in the way of keeping a healthy sleep pattern. That’s because the light they emit suppresses melatonin. This natural hormone is released in the brain to make you go to sleep. Try staying away from any computer, tablet, TV, or computer screens for an hour before bed.
  2. Burn Your Energy: Few experiences are sweeter than falling into bed after a long, intense workout. When you exercise, you burn off the energy from the calories you ate that day. The result: it’s much easier to fall asleep.
  3. Breathe: Most of us don’t realize that our breathing patterns tend to be too shallow and too rapid. That type of breathing makes the body more alert and less prone to relaxation. Before you go to sleep, try to focus on breathing slowly into your abdomen, calming down your body.
  4. Progressive Relaxation: This is a simple trick you can do when you’re in bed, unable to get to sleep. Focus on each basic muscle group of your body, from top to bottom. Then, tense those muscles up for a few seconds before releasing the tension and moving on to the next muscle group. Doing so will help to relax your entire body and promote sleep.
  5. Journal: If stressful thoughts are keeping you awake at night, it’s been shown that writing them down helps to bring on sleep. By getting your thoughts out, you don’t have to deal with them as much.

Chiropractic can relieve pain that often makes it difficult to sleep. Another benefit of getting adjusted is it promotes relaxation, which can improve your sleep. Call today for an appointment!

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