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3 Reason Not to Take Fish Oil Supplements


manI am sure you have learned by now that there are many wonderful benefits in taking fish oil supplements. What you may not be aware of is that all fish oils are not the same. In fact, I would be willing to bet, (the odds are in my favor) that the fish oil you are taking is most likely bad for you if you bought it from a retail store or MLM program.

Is Your Fish Oil Synthetic (Man-Made)?

Many fish oils that you buy in the stores are synthetic (man-made), and your body will receive ZERO benefits from them. Synthetic supplements are a way to keep costs down and it is extremely difficult to know if you are buying one that is. It is so difficult to tell these days that most of the retailers do not even know if it’s natural or man-made. A general rule of thumb is that if you do not know the answer, then do not buy it. Another good rule is if it’s inexpensive, it is more likely to be synthetic.

Has Your Fish Oil Been Dyed?

Another common cost cutting tactic is to dye fish oil to make the color more appealing. A good quality fish oil never needs to be color enhanced. If you don’t know much about the fish oil you are buying, don’t buy it! A natural fish oil is usually very light in a color and very clear.

Has Your Fish Oil Been Heated?

Have you ever considered eating a rotten piece of fish? YUCK!

Many fish oils you buy in stores have been poorly stored in the warehouse. True fish oil is an organic substance and it does not withstand heat well. If your fish oil has reached temperatures that are above normal conditions, it will lose its tremendous benefits. Bad fish oil can upset your stomach and make you feel pretty lousy. If you have taken fish oil that doesn’t agree with you, chances are it is rancid fish oil.

To find out if your fish oil has been heated, shake the bottle. If you can hear the capsules clinking around in there, like a jar of pennies, the fish oil has not been heated. If the capsules sound like they are stuck together, or if you hear a clunking sound, they have been heated and they should be thrown away.

What Fish Oil Does Johns Creek Chiropractic Recommend?

Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center has sold Metagenics Omega 3 Fish Oil for almost 20 years. Metagenics has a stellar reputation and thousands of Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Medical Doctors use their products.

Metagenics entire list of Omegagenics products can be found here. It is safe to purchase them online because Metagenics is not synthetic, dyed or heated. The Metagenics product is what is known as a foundational supplement and that is why it is called an essential fatty acid.

Stay tuned in for our post on the benefits of fish oil.

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