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Welcome to Our Chiropractic Concierge Club!

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Concierge care — the future of health care!

Concierge medicine is defined as a form of health care in which a patient pays their doctor an annual retainer or fee in exchange for improved access and service. This form of practice is generally smaller, which results in more personalized and supportive care.

We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering this progressive model of health care to the patients of our practice, with two distinct levels of affordable membership:

Gold Level Membership

Our Gold level annual membership includes unlimited treatment for “whatever it takes” to maximize your health potential and eliminate unwanted pain and dysfunction. It includes:

  • All adjustments
  • All therapies
  • Any necessary X-rays
  • Focused treatment for even multiple conditions

The cost is only $2,100.00 per year, slightly more than a daily Starbucks latte! For those who prefer to make payments, the cost is $175.00 per month. If the full concierge fee is paid in advance, we also provide two free sessions of massage therapy as our way of saying “thank you.”

Silver Level Membership

Our Silver level membership includes two adjustments per month, and any therapies deemed necessary, at our discretion.

This is an ideal program for those patients who embrace the wellness model of health care, and the cost is only $75.00 per month.

Benefits of a Concierge Practice

As the Affordable Care Act has mandated that all Americans must have health care insurance, more traditional practices have been flooded with new patients at the expense of the traditional doctor-patient relationship. Here are some of the benefits of the typical concierge practice:

  • Patients receive more quality time with their doctor
  • Patients are the beneficiaries of significant savings
  • It’s easier to target the unique health care needs of a community
  • Elimination of insurance billing, which cuts overhead expenses, helping to keep fees lower
  • Concierge doctors routinely report higher job satisfaction, because they can practice the way they were trained, taking the time to talk with their patients and using their skills to the fullest extent.
  • Elimination of the “assembly-line” treatment model, which results in vastly improved care
  • No third-party (insurance company) conflicts. The doctor is an advocate for one party and one party only: the patient.

I’m so happy that we made the decision to make this new model of dynamic patient care available for patients of our clinic. Join our Chiropractic Concierge Club! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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