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Orthotic Scanning

Brad Baker Suwanee Personal TrainerBrad Baker is our personal trainer and lead instructor for Functional Training and our Working to Wellness Program. He does all wellness scores and lifestyle consultations Brad is also highly trained in Orthotic Scanning & Xray.

Orthotic Assessments are given for fallen arches and plantar fascitis. We give custom made orthotics that are not like super feet and other higher end glamour Dr. Scholes. Foot Levelers custom orthotics is a 60 year old company that offers custom-made solutions for many common foot and low back problems like sciatica and lower back pain.

Orthotic Scan

Brad Baker performing an Orthotic Foot Scan

Orthotics are made to rebuild the fallen arches in the foot which allows for proper foot strike and offer the pelvis and spine a stable foundation to build off of. You can not have a stable spine or pelvis without properly functioning feet.

Brad Baker evaluating an abnormal foot scan

Brad Baker evaluating an abnormal foot scan

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